For VSV as a family business, maintaining our business operations is directly linked to the sustainable purchase and processing of our fish

By dealing carefully with the world around us, we guarantee, for ourselves and for the future generation, that the products we deal with will continue to exist.
Therefore, the fish we buy is only caught sustainably. We guarantee this by collaborating on a global level with reliable and certified partners. In addition, we guarantee careful management of fish stocks through quotas and seasonal fishing.

A big part of our fish is MSC certified. MSC’s terms include sustainable fisheries and limit the impact of fisheries on the ecosystem.

In order to make our production process more sustainable, we do for example:

  • Our EPS packaging materials are partly made from recycled materials and are one hundred percent recyclable. In order to throw away as little EPS as possible, we have our own shredder that shreds used EPS boxes and prepares them for recycling.
  • We also encourage the use of returnable pallets. When wooden pallets are used, they are made from sustainably sourced wood; this can be recognized by the special logo on the pallets. We even repair broken pallets internally so that they can be re-used.
  • We have reduced our paper consumption by working more and more with online solutions.
  • We use the sustainable substance propane for the functioning of the cooling and ice machine in our production facility.
  • By using automatically closing high-speed doors, the cooling is better retained, limiting energy loss.

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